Upkeep of a baby. May a nursing mother eat bananas

ChildCan I fresh-feeding mom ripe bananas, how helpful (or useless) for herself and for her baby? Let's deal. Natural-feeding is highly significant in the life of mother and child, because at this time of a newborn's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of the digestive system. Up to 3 weeks, the child does not get enough enzymes to digest fresh food faster, how - his mum want be especially attentive to a regimen, specifically if a child is fed only natural milk her. Because the question of whether a nursing mom to eat big bananas, a answer is conditionally good. You can, but in more little amounts, so it is quite heavy food. Many pediatricians are however generally recommend to refrain with eating medium bananas until the child is TWO-3 months. And after per day is best to eat no more than 1 banana. First, eat 1/2 and put a be to see if a rash, intestinal colic, constipation. If all goes properly, It is possible to safely eat a whole big banana.Despite these limitations, a big banana is a good stimulant for the production of fresh natural milk and items that contribute to a fight against postpartum psychological problems that arise in every other prettily moms. That is due to the fact that a medium banana is more tasty, and yet it contains a real happiness hormone - serotonin.In what way is good to eat ripe bananas? In a method you same. A main thing that ripe bananas were used in conjunction with products approved for lactating mums. And along, do not have a ripe banana just earlier eating, because he's fine reduces appetite.Try to prepare a cocktail of lower-fat milk yoghurt and a big banana. Cocktail put deep-fat milk yoghurt and a medium banana, chop them with a blender and drink half an hour earlier feeding. This will improve the production of natural milk. It is possible to as well eat poor-fat cottage cheese with banana, cooking cookies, cakes, pies, salads.Patty may be cooked in a microwave oven, mixing: ripe banana - 1pc., The butter - 50 g floury-and 1stakan, milk 1/TWO cup baking yolk and 1/2 teaspoonful saccharose - 2 tablespoon Do big banana puree and append the milk, so knead a dough from a mealy, baking protein, melted cow butter, saccharose and ripe banana puree with natural milk. This mixing may be darkness, but with careful stirring brightens. The dough must be poured into molds for cakes and send to TWO minutes in the microwave. In a mold cake pan -1 spoonful test.For variety, you can quickly cook simple and healthy salad. To do this, put a banana - 1pc., Apple - 1pc., Short-fat cheese - TWO tablespoons sour fluid spoon-1stolovaya. Finely chop a ripe banana and send it to a bottom of a dish, top with sliced big apple, sprinkle it all and pour a cream cottage cheese. For sweets can sprinkle with saccharose.However you can see, a nursing mum may eat ripe bananas in any configuration. But in preparation however much however possible strive to apply less sugar, because it is one of the reasons for the fermentation processes in the intestine, and consequently - to cause bloating and intestinal colic baby.  Similar posts:Child attention. May a nursing mum watermelonNewbornCare of a child. Fresh food allergies in childrenBabyNewborn MassotherapyChild.

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