Moms. Third fear of a beautiful mom: "I'm frightened to bathe crumbs!"

NewbornFear not "hold" a child inherent in a majority of prettily mothers. It is particularly manifested in the washroom while bath a newborn. Remember, instincts prevail: no mom will drop her child. By a way, even when bath child slip under the water, nothing terrible will happen: up to three weeks, a newborn instinctively holds his breath. Then - just tilt a head down crumbs at an angle of 45 degrees, and it is easily cleared his throat out the fluid. While bathing water sometimes gets into the newborn's ears. Do not worry, all fixable. Troll of cotton wool and dab a flagellum ears.Know that your baby is feeling anxiety and confusion, and how it uncomfortable. Strive to calm down, then balneum eventually turn into an exciting game.  Similar posts:Timofeev AM Conversations infants's medical manBabyChild upkeep. Lactation. Bottle-feedingChildNewborn. Fall thin hair of the childbirthChild.

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