Attention of a baby. Dining nursing mom: main principles

A method for preparing a same - the preparation. In fish, in addition to proteins, contains a much great vitamins - D. Dairy products are very important for making the rightly day menu of a person, and especially - the nursing mother. In Milk and dairy products contain big amounts of protein and calcium. Calcium is required for a goodness functioning of the cardiovascular and other aging body systems. May not do without calcium and skeletal system. It is because of a lack of calcium in prettily infants there is such a dangerous disease like rickets. We frequently hear such stories here. The baby quickly grows fontanelle, and pediatrician recommended to eliminate with a ration of nursing mothers natural milk products because you contain calcium, because of which is overgrown fontanelle. This recommendation is fundamentally wrong. Lack of calcium in a regime of lactating mums will lead to more serious heartiness problems, and she and a newborn.More effective to the mom and her child milk items: milk yoghurt, fermented baked natural milk, sour cream, curds, etc. You help good "work" gut, improve digestion. In nursing mums, a ration that contains dairy products, newborn less likely to suffer from constipation. But Used Natural milk and dairy items also claim to know when to stop. This is particularly true of liquids. For example, milk is not desirable to apply more than 500-700 grams per day and a like - yoghurt. Otherwise, the child may cause allergic reactions. Want be present in the food of lactating mothers get enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Fiber contained in them is necessary for the great functioning of the digestive and intestinal systems. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables - it is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. No synthetic vitamin may not substitute natural. As well rich in dietary fiber buckwheat, millet, oat groats. However cereal valuable not alone for infants. Meal feeding mom need be complete and balanced.What products must be out in the nutrition nursing mom.From dietary feeding mum in a truest sense depends on a lustiness of the newborn. Therefore it is indispensable to know in advance about the size of a items that are potentially dangerous for infants. From the menu, a nursing mum is desirable to completely eliminate pickled, smoked and fatty meals. It is undesirable to use canned diet food, pickles, pickles. Nursing mums should be excluded from the a la carte menu with lots of spice, do not use often onions, garlic (this may ruin the taste of the natural milk.) Want be limited in a regime of lactating moms number of products that can cause fermentation in a gut: grapes, saccharose, all kinds of pastries and sweets. One of the chief tips pediatric nursing mum is to eliminate with her diet of tropical fruits: oranges, tangerines. Even our native red apples in great numbers are present in the diet of a nursing mother, can cause severe averse reactions in babies. So, if you really really want to treat yourself to something with above, or at least know a measure. One slice of tangerine on the daily menu lactating women is unlikely to harm her newborn... Strong allergen, which is required to avoid breast-feeding mums in the ration is peanuts, pear, crabs, shrimp, chocolate. You do not accidentally hurt her child feeding mother are encouraged to cultivate their own day menu with all a potentially dangerous products.Drinks on a day menu nursing mom.A lot of nursing mums enjoy questions some which drinks are good to include in the dietary. Ideally, the basic drink of gerls during lactation should be plain drinking water. But, of course, not soggy from a tap. It may contain harmful bacteria that may harm the still feeble body of the baby. A ideal would be to involve a nursing mom in the day menu cleared filter drinking aqua or source water buy in stores.In no case must not drink carbonated beverages. A same applies to mineral water. Buy only non-carbonated mineral water. The gases contained in a aqua, will initiate the process of fermentation in a gut. So you know, a kid and so ofttimes suffer with intestinal colic. So whether or not to aggravate a situation? And all kinds of soft drinks, especially cheap, contain a lot of preservatives and dyes, which may easily penetrate into fresh milk.A lot of nursing mothers involve in your regimen juices that are sold in stores. Is this correct? Despite what a juices. Usually, experts recommend breast-feeding mums to enter into their diet big apple juices, and only out of a green big apple how red red apple - this is an allergen. You want refrain from a use of grape, tomato juice, citrus juices.Be sure to power the nursing mother need comprise milk and milk drinks.Drinks containing alcohol, should be deleted. Alcohol passes into warm natural milk and may cause alcohol poisoning in a child (if alcohol is used in large quantities). If a little, such a "day menu" of lactating women will inhibition of the child's bodily and mental abilities.Coffee and milk you can drink, but not strong. Otherwise, it may affect the nervous system of a newborn. And by a method, is today a well-known green watter contains even more caffeine than coffee rather weak.

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